Xenophontis Operum...


Xenophontis Operum...

In the 19th century steam-powered presses mass-produced classical texts printed on inexpensive paper in small sized books to fit in shirt pockets or belt pouches for the consumption of an increasingly literate public. The railroad and steamboat aided their distribution. The small sized texts could also be conveniently perused by itinerant scholars and easily carried by traveling salesmen and studied by school children. Smaller and more convenient book sizes in the 1800s sometimes aimed at counteracting and combating a waning emphasis on Greek and Latin in schools in Europe and the U.S. during this time, a “movement” eventually leading to such pocket sized books.

Condition and treatment: Xenophontis Operum… has textblocks in excellent condition with brightly decorated yellow edges; however, the leather spines are in severe condition with large missing portions. Some upper boards are fully detached. Conservation staff will treat the bindings to repair the leather spines and reattach boards. The bindings will be housed in clear protective jackets.

Adoption Type: Preserve for the Future

Library: John Miller Burnam Classics Library

Xenophontis Operum...

Adopted by
Richard and Susan Lauf