My name is Hannah Schulte and I am in my third year at the University of Cincinnati in the Fine Arts program at DAAP. Everyone in my family is from Wisconsin, but I was born and raised in Loveland, Ohio with my sisters. My grandpa taught me how to draw when I was very young and I haven’t stopped since. One thing I have always been interested in illustrating is how the body moves, which is an interest I share with Bonnie Cashin. She was designing clothes with the moving and working woman in mind. Not only did I learn that Cashin was an innovator in terms of who she designed for, but also what she designed. I was amazed to learn that Bonnie Cashin is responsible for many of the fashion trends we still practice today, like the brass turnlock closure (or toggle) and combining different materials like leather and tweed. Bonnie Cashin wasn’t afraid to push boundaries with work by exploring new techniques, materials, and combinations as well as creating her won. This class has been an exciting learning experience that I will continue to draw on for the rest of my artistic career.

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