My name is Rachel Davidson and I am a Cuyahoga Falls native who is a proud member of the Bearcat Nation of the University of Cincinnati. I am a third year who is embarking on a journey as a part of the Lindner College of Business, were I am currently majoring in Marketing, Economics, and International Business with a minor in Fashion Design. I chose to take this class because Bonnie Cashin is a fashion icon and I have a strong thirst for Fashion Design and all of its various faucets. I have learned how to take captivating photographs of garments, document fashion icons, and valuable design techniques all while making connections with students from various majors and backgrounds. Aside from pursuing my business and design passions, I express my love for the University by being highly involved. With graduation as my goal I continually look forward to showing my Bearcat Pride academically, socially, through leadership, and positively leaving my mark on the University of Cincinnati all while being fashionably dressed of course!

Fun Fact: I enjoy expressing my creativity by going thrifting in my spare time, making me a ‘Thrift Master’.

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