My name is Mimi Liu, and I came from China. This is the first year of my PhD in physics. I really enjoy this interesting class. I think Bonnie Cashion was an incredible and great woman and her designing are hardly out of date, Coach still keeps her classical button even today. As a Libra, she totally played her talent in extraordinary taste and insisted pursuit of beauty all the time. That’s what I’m seeking too, the beauty of life, the beauty of world, in art, as well as in science. Many people have misunderstanding
of science, of physics, they think it’s totally different from art. But in my mind, physics is seeking the beauty of the laws of the nature, just as garment designing is seeking the most beautiful ways to dressing and of dressed-feelings. Each garment has its own emotion which can pass to people. That’s why they would express your own identity, and help you to feel confident, independent and free. For me, picking clothes or designing clothes for myself is more like a way to dominate my own body and to love my inner self.

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