My name is Terese Ostendorf and fashion has always been a love of mine. I am drawn to all aspects of the industry: the history, the designers, the models, and the very creation. All together making up a mesmerizing story I can never get enough of. I am a second year fashion design student at DAAP. I also have a modeling contract with New View Management Group. Being both a model and designer I really get a full idea of fashion, from the beginning to the very end, which is incredible. Before taking this class I had a good background and love for fashion history, but had never heard of Bonnie Cashin. Bonnie was a true inspiration, with a brilliant mind and a knack for practicality and functionality. She designed for a ‘gal-on-the-go’, and being one myself working at both Kroner Dry Cleaners and BCBG Max Azria, my appreciation for Bonnie is huge. She knew what it was like to be busy and designed clothes that made you look great, effortlessly. Bonnie’s life was full of moments of opportunity, which she never failed to take. They all landed her in another great place, a better place than where she was before. This course has taught me many things from curation, to collections, to researching but the most important thing it taught me would be to not overlook an opportunity, because it might turn out to be the one you were looking for all along.