My name is Jennifer Murray! I’m from Greenville, Ohio. I am a first year here at DAAP. This year I took fine arts studios, but I am looking to transfer into Graphic Design while continuing on with a Fine Arts minor. I entered into DAAP not sure what kind of focuses I wanted to pursue within Art and Design. I have too many interests to just narrow it down to one. Fashion has always and will always be a passion of mine, which is why I decided to take this class. I’ve always been fascinated with the reasons why some people take so much pride in the way they dress. I love learning about the different ways people have used fashion to fully express themselves on the outside and about designers, like Bonnie Cashin, who have revolutionized the industry and paved a new path for those interested in it. This class, above all else, has taught me more about the prime reasons why I love fashion. I love the joy it brings to those who wear it, I love the open mind it gives to people who are too afraid to push the limits, and I love this history it continues to carry on throughout time.​