Hello! My name is Jessica and I am a non-traditional, adult student who is taking this Bonnie Cashin class for personal fulfillment and fun! I am currently a High School Counselor, but I have always had an interest in fashion as an art form, particularly when it comes to the studying and preserving of historical clothing. Throughout this class I have had numerous hands on experiences with vintage clothing, as well as the preservation and recording process. I have particularly enjoyed working with my assigned piece to focus on and study. I have been able to physically handle, research, and photograph this piece. This class has allowed me to have a greater appreciation for the cataloging process that takes place behind the scenes of a museum display. Outside of this class but during the course, I have attended two historical clothing displays at local museums. I am now able to have a greater appreciation for the pieces that I am viewing at these events. I believe clothing is an art form and we can learn much about history, culture, and society through it. I believe it should be handled, respected and preserved as any other historical craft.