My name is Kayla Malik and I am a second year pursuing a double major in International Business and Marketing, with a minor in Fashion Studies. I am from Columbus, OH, but decided to move two hours south to a university that has many opportunities for their students-both professionally and creatively. I decided to take the collaborative studio (Documenting a Fashion Icon: Bonnie Cashin) class because I knew that it would be a great way to transition into the design curriculum. Throughout this class I have been able to grow as a person because I have learned that even though I am not a DAAP major, I can still come up with creative ideas and work well with others to create something beautiful. The black and white photo shoot that we designed for the entire class was definitely one of the defining moments for me as a growing student because I knew after that day, I was meant to work in the fashion world. Something that I really enjoyed from this class was the photography aspect and finding what lighting worked best for the vision we were trying to create. After that class session I knew that even though I am not someone that has been sewing and sketching since I was young, I could make a successful profession in creative directing or anything that requires collaboration in the fashion industry. My goal after graduation is to be able to work professionally in the fashion industry from a business perspective.