I am Kimmia L Crossty; I will be enrolling into DAAP fall semester. I’m 19 years old and I’m from Ft. Lauderdale FL (and Cincinnati, OH). My passions are design, making, and art (not to mention, textiles, combining materials, and the form and functionality of garments). I dream of a career in fashion design.

This course helped me realize just how inventive, innovative, creative, and original Bonnie Cashin, as a designer (and as a woman), was. Cashin was a pioneer in the area of unique textile, hardware, and color combos. Unlike the Parisian desingers of the day, such as Dior, Cashin favored practical, minimalist, and functional forms for the woman on the go. Cashin rejected the flowery French style and instead, embraced a clean and modern Asian aesthetic.

This course taught me just how significant Cashin is in the cannon of fashion history and that Cashin’s style is still relevant and influences many contemporary designers of today.