My given name is Emily Dolly Madias, but I go by Lilly. I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. I am a second year Communications major and Fashion minor student at the University of Cincinnati, also on the road to a certificate in Public Relations. I chose this class because fashion and design is a part of who I am, and not only am I interested in modern fashion but vintage as well. I believe that all forms of fashion are timeless, and today we see pieces of vintage and old school looks present in our wear. Fashion is an expression of who we are and pulls from the creative aspect of the mind and I wanted to know more about the foundations of certain aspects of fashion. In this class so far I have learned about the essence of Bonnie Cashin as a designer and woman entrepreneur in the early portions of fashion in America. It is most interesting to learn how she strayed away from the “Paris Fashion Look” and brought a new elegance to designs.