I was really excited when I read the initial email that invited us into the course. Although I’m not a fashion major, I am interested in working for a museum. I’d like to work with pieces of art –whether it be a painting, sculpture, or even a Bonnie Cashin designed garment- and either become a curator and work with a specific group of pieces but really I just want to be a part of the team that operates a museum. Naturally, I felt that I had to take this class. This is all about documenting a collection. We are all mini curators. Unfortunately we had to miss so much class due to the weather that I didn’t get to spend as much time in it as I would have liked. But because it is a small group and each person seems determined to make themselves known at the final event, we were able to meet outside of class. I love this. I hate when I have lecture classes and I can’t find a single buddy to study with and to keep me updated if I miss anything. In this class, we are a working team. Each with individual qualities but able to create a dynamic that I believe will lead to a great exhibition. The people in this class have to be one of my favorite aspects, but I do love learning about this fascinating and powerful woman. I hope to not only remain friends with all of the people in this class but to also gain a better grasp on how to go about presenting and collecting so I can ultimately use my degree in Art History to present a collection myself.