I am Tara Guillozet, a sophomore in Fashion Design at the University of Cincinnati – College of DAAP. I come from the rural town of Greenville, Ohio, but prefer the aesthetics of the city. I took this class after gaining interest from the exhibition the previous students put on last year. It was intriguing to know there was a class regarding the fashion industry that went beyond our set curriculum. I made the decision to explore it, and am so glad I did! The most interesting thing I have learned is undoubtedly about the designer herself, Bonnie Cashin. It has been beneficial to learn and understand the process of preserving garments and the responsibilities of a curator. It was a fun hands on experience to make my own professional hanger. I have learned more than I ever expected about the details of photographing a single embellishment of a garment. Overall, it was Bonnie that has made this class so special. Her innovation, style, decisions as a designer, and significance on fashion history have taught me immeasurably.

I recommend anyone to take Bonnie’s UC Forward Class!