September 28


Above please find the digital version of my academic leave white paper.  The document summarizes my research on book studies pedagogy at colleges, universities, and community centers and their connections to libraries.  Recommendations present in the paper include expanding the mission of the preservation lab to advance a book studies pedagogy at the University of Cincinnati.

Additionally, seven physical editions were produced modeling different binding structures – the practice in a call for the study of the history, art, and practice of the book.

A special thanks to the Preservation Lab staff, Jessica Ebert, Catarina Figueirinhas, Ashleigh Schieszer, Veronica Sorcher, Hyacinth Tucker, and Chris Voynovich for support during my leave in all aspects.  Additional thanks to Melissa Norris and Ben Kline for editing and feedback, and Nathan Tallman and Jay Dungavath for digitization.

And a sigh of relief and happiness is heard from,

Holly Prochaska

September 16

I was busy writing my white paper in July and August.  Not a lot of posting has been done of late, but there has been plenty of of writing, editing, and feedback behind the scenes.

And with September there came binding.  In addition to digitizing my white paper, (which I’ll post here shortly) I wanted to bind 6 copies to give to the UCL Cabinet (the Dean and his advisors).  Since the white paper focuses on advancing a Book Studies pedagogy and what the Preservation Lab’s role might be, I wanted to physically show some examples of areas of practice and teaching that could be immediately accomplished in the lab.  All of the binds are examples that the staff of the lab could teach.

Below are the physical binds – the digitized version is coming soon!

Binding types

Wrap around case, 3/4 bind, pamphlet stitch, tacket bind, reverse piano hinge, long stitch