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Seeking Best in Class Digital Scholarship Centers

Our study takes a global perspective in benchmarking the skills and competencies required to support digital scholarship in the humanities and social sciences. We will be visiting ten “best in class” digital scholarship centers around the world, five in North America, five international. We seek to understand whether there is a set of core competencies important to digital scholarship and, if so, whether that slate of competencies remains consistent across disciplines, geographic areas and cultures.

We invite the digital humanities community to suggest sites for us to visit. We are using a variety of criteria to identify potential sites, including clear vision and implementation strategies, strong records of successful projects, national/international recognition, innovation and/or strong training and education programs, as well as a willingness to participate in a site visit. Please email Lisa Spiro, the project’s research consultant, at if you would like to recommend a site for us to visit (including your own institution) or have any questions.

Benchmarking the Skills and Capacities to Support Digital Scholarship

In order to understand the skills and capacities necessary to support digital scholarship, Xuemao Wang (dean of the University of Cincinnati Libraries), Vivian Lewis (Acting University Librarian at McMaster University Library), and Jon Cawthorne (Associate Dean for Public Services and Assessment at Florida State University Library) are conducting a benchmarking study of “best in class” digital scholarship programs. With the generous support of the Mellon Foundation, the investigators will collect information about leading digital scholarship programs, conduct interviews and site visits at ten top centers around the world, and determine the key workforce-related factors associated with those centers’ success. They will then generate a set of benchmarks, always with an eye to continuous improvement and shared learning. The research will be global in scope. Lisa Spiro serves as research consultant for the project.

For more about the study, please see “UC Libraries Receive Mellon Foundation Scholarly Communications and Information Technology Grant.”

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