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IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST is an international collaboration that has involved several faculty, experts, and staff across the University of Cincinnati, Cornell University, and the Technion in Haifa, Israel. The project began in late 2012 when University of Cincinnati (DAAP) Professor of Planning, Dr. David J. Edelman, approached Jennifer Krivickas (Head of the Robert A. Deshon and Karl J. Schlachter Library for Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (UC) about the feasibility of the two of them collaborating on a retrospective exhibition focused on the life and work of Ladislas Segoe, whose complete collection of professional and personal papers are housed at the UC Archives and Rare Books Library and at Cornell University Archives.

A view of the exhibition at the Meyer Gallery, University of Cincinnati Date: February 2015
A view of the exhibition at the Meyer Gallery, University of Cincinnati
Date: February 2015

With the help of Dr. Mark Carper, Dr. Edelman began the preliminary archival research at UC. Dr. Edelman and Ms. Krivickas met with UC Archivist and Head of the Archives and Rare Books Library, Kevin Grace, and Dr. Danilo Palazzo, Director of the UC/DAAP School of Planning, to discuss the logistics of the project such as the use of UC’s archival materials in physical, traveling exhibitions, matters of digitization, the possibility of later digitizing the entire Segoe archive, and associated costs (thankfully, Dr. Edelman had already secured funds from the Ladislas and Vilma Segoe Family 100 Foundation through the good offices of one of its trustees, Mr. Lewis Gatch).

Soon after, DAAP Assistant Professor of Architecture and Interior Design, Vincent Sansalone, to join the curatorial team as exhibition designer. The three, plus two graduate students, PhD candidate Jennifer Latessa, and MCP candidate Sara Woolf, both in the UC/DAAP School of Planning, met frequently with several experts, specialists and faculty from around UC/Libraries including Kevin Grace, Suzanne Maggard Reller, and Eira Tansey from the UC Archives and Rare Books Library; Holly Prochaska, Ashleigh Schieszer, and Jessica Ebert from the UC Preservation Lab; Nathan Tallman, UC Libraries Digital Collections Strategist; and Carolyn Hansen, UC Libraries Metadata Librarian.

Altogether, this group devised and executed the object, digitization, and exhibition strategies and began working on research, writing, object analysis, metadata, digitization, condition assessments, and object repair.

Through the generous support of UC/DAAP Dean, Robert Probst, another member of UC/DAAP faculty was added to the curatorial team, Assistant Professor of Graphic Communication Design, Todd Timney, without whose skills and dedication we would not have a professionally designed exhibition catalogue.

We hope that you enjoy this online version of our exhibition, the digital collection created by UC/Libraries, the exhibition catalog, and of course,  the physical exhibition from Feb-April 2015 at the Meyer Gallery at the University of Cincinnati, at the Bibliowicz Gallery & Garden at Cornell University later this year, or at the Technion, in the Segoe building, in 2016.

The Life and Work of Regional Planning Pioneer Ladislas Segoe (1894-1983)

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