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Last Name First Name Title Department Email Phone
Adler Pam GE Documents Specialist GE at CEAS Library 243-4582
Albrecht Cheryl Associate Dean of Library Services Administration 556-1784
Anderson Meshia Acquisitions Specialist Cataloging and Metadata 556-6596
Bach Pamela Coordinator Information Commons @ Langsam Research, Teaching, and Services 556-1580
Bachelder Dean Evening and Weekend Supervisor, Circulation Desk Health Sciences Library 558-5677
Baldwin Ted Director, Science and Engineering Libraries College of Engineering and Applied Science Library 556-4211
Banoun Susan Head, Electronic Resources Department Electronic Resources 556-1440
Becker Alan Quality Control and SWORD Processing Coordinator Research, Teaching, and Services 556-2650
Bernardo Christa Director of Development Administration 556-0055
Borkenhagen Gregory Library Associate Interlibrary Services and Access 556-1454
Bourne Regina HR/OD Director Human Resources 556-0326
Bramel Michael ILL/DD Borrowing Associate Health Sciences Library 558-2807
Braunlin Michael Assistant Head Classics Library Classics Library 556-1333
Brown Minnette Senior Library Associate Specialist Library IT Services 556-1780
Bruns Rose Public Services Manager & Operations Coordinator College of Engineering and Applied Science Library 556-1453
Burgess Kristen Clinical and Research Informationist Health Sciences Library 558-3071
Campbell James Network Analyst Library IT Services 556-1408
Cauthen Paul Assistant Music Librarian CCM Library 556-1965
Clasper Jim Assistant Engineering & Applied Science Librarian College of Engineering and Applied Science Library 556-1452
Corday Milkaila Senior Library Specialist Electronic Resources 556-1461
Crawford Jeff E-Resources Cataloging & Database Mgmt. Specialist Electronic Resources 556-1512
Crowe Sean Electronic Resources Librarian Electronic Resources 556-1899
Cudjoe Karen Stacks Manager Research, Teaching, and Services 556-1434
Cummins James Senior Librarian Elliston Poetry 556-1570
Downing Sharon Cataloging Assistant CCM Library 556-1963
Early Alphonzo Resource Materials Lab Coordinator CECH Library 556-1307
Ebert Jessica Conservation Technician Preservation Services 556-1877
Franklin Rosemary Reference Librarian and Selector Research, Teaching, and Services 556-0633
Freeman Robert Coordinator of eLearning CECH Library 000.0000
Gavin Dennis Application Analyst Library IT Services 556-1404
Ghosh Cheryl Head, CECH Library CECH Library 556-1758
Gottlieb Daniel Associate Dean, Collections & Technical Services Administration 556-1464
Grace Kevin Head and University Archivist Archives and Rare Books Library 556-1953
Grant Tiffany Research Informationist Health Sciences Library 558-9153
Green Alfreda Library Media Technical Assistant 1 Cataloging and Metadata 556-2651
Haitz Lisa Application Analyst Library Communications 556-1431
Hansen Carolyn Metadata Librarian Technical Services 556-1995
Hart Olga Coordinator of Library Instruction Research, Teaching, and Services 556-1850
Hensley David GE Reference Librarian GE at CEAS Library 243-4582
Hight Susan Technical and Public Services Assistant College of Engineering and Applied Science Library 556-3230
Hiller Karl IT Analyst Library IT Services 556-6203
Horton Glendon Digital Repository Software Developer Digital Collections 556-1491
Hutzler Janice Head Accountant Accounting 556-1996
Ignatius Elaine Student Supervisor Research, Teaching, and Services 556-1423
Johnson Arlene Digital Humanities Strategist Langsam Library 556-1417
Kaya Birsen Director, HSL IT and Circulation Health Sciences Library 558-0345
Kinsey Kathleen Government Document Specialist Interlibrary Services and Access 556-1874
Kishman Charles Information Services Librarian Health Sciences Library 558-3849
Kline David Assistant Director Research, Teaching, and Services 556-1419
Koshoffer Amy Science Informationist Geo Math Phys Library 556-1310
Krivickas Jennifer Head, DAAP Library DAAP Library 556-1319
Lipscomb Pam Depository Manager Interlibrary Services and Access 513-727-3475
Mackiewicz Jennifer Program Coordinator Administration 556-1394
Maggard Suzanne Reference/Collections Librarian Archives and Rare Books Library 556-7016
Mao Yu Financial Administrator Business Office 556-1429
Mayfield-Williams Joanne Administrative Secretary to the Dean Administration 556-2829
McMillan Mary Anne HR/Purchasing Assistant Human Resources 556-1562
McMillin Bill Digital Metadata Librarian Cataloging and Metadata 556-1043
Meyer Elizabeth Visual Resources Librarian DAAP Library 556-0279
Mihaly Sara Student and Circulation Supervisor DAAP Library 556-1321
Mills Lauren Program Coordinator Human Resources 558-6019
Moena Diego Electronic Resources & Acquisitions Specialist Electronic Resources 556-1411
Moffitt Sally Reference Librarian and Selector Research, Teaching, and Services 556-1860
Nasrallah Wahib Senior Business and Economics Librarian Research, Teaching, and Services 556-1866
Newman Lorna Department Head Interlibrary Services and Access 556-1885
Newman Linda Head, Digital Collections and Repositories Digital Collections 556-1555
Norris Melissa Director of Library Communications Library Communications 556-1558
Poulos Peter Computer & Information Analyst Health Sciences Library 558-6046
Prochaska Holly Head, Preservation Services Preservation Services 556-1389
Purtee Sharon HSL Technical Services Librarian Health Sciences Library 558-1019
Roberts Randall Bibliographer & Liaison for Criminal Justice, Psyc Research, Teaching, and Services 556-1864
Sandor David Circulation Supervisor CCM Library 556-1510
Saxton Elna Head, Technical Services Electronic Resources 556-1413
Scherz Thomas Software and Application Developer Digital Collections 556-1406
Schick Leslie Associate Dean of Library Services & Director Health Sciences Library 558-4321
Schieszer Ashleigh Lab Conservator Preservation Services 556-4289
Sinnard Jay Manager Media & Comp Res Library IT Services 556-1893
Skryzowski Stephanie Director of Business Affairs Business Office 556-1551
Sorcher Veronica Conservation Technician Preservation Services sorcheva@UCMAIL.UC.EDU 556-5144
Starbuck Edith Information Services Librarian Health Sciences Library 558-1433
Stevens Cade Circulation Manager Classics Library 556-1314
Stork John Assistant Head, Circulation & Multimedia Services Research, Teaching, and Services 556-1984
Tallman Nathan Digital Content Strategist Digital Collections 556-5740
Tansey Eira Digital Archivist/Records Manager Archives and Rare Books Library 556-1958
Taylor Scott Analyst for Library Public Service & Emerging Tech Library IT Services 556-5746
Taylor-Slaughter June Technical Processing and E-Reserves Manager Geo Math Phys Library 556-1587
Tenofsky Deborah Head of Reference and Instructional Services Research, Teaching, and Services 556-1888
Thomas Anthony Delivery Worker 2 Interlibrary Services and Access 556-1425
Tucker Hyacinth Binding Processor Preservation Services 556-1880
Tunningley Dennis Computer & Information Analyst Health Sciences Library 558-2952
Van Mil James Collections & Electronic Resources Librarian Electronic Resources 556-1410
Voynovich Chris Conservation Technician Preservation Services 556-4293
Wagner Gerald HSL ILL Supervisor Health Sciences Library 558-8389
Wagner-Strode Michelle eLearning Developer and Analyst for Emerging Techn Library IT Services 556-1308
Wang Xuemao Dean and University Librarian Administration 556-1515
Watts Carolyn Reserves & Hold Shelf Manager Research, Teaching, and Services 556-1416
Welter Amanda Director, Library Facilities and Planning Administration 556-7015
Weng Bryan Business Manager Accounting 556-1463
White Thomas Department Head Cataloging and Metadata 556-1460
Williams Sara Subscriptions, Package Plans, and Membership Manag Cataloging and Metadata 556-1396