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Last Name First Name Title Department Email Phone
Alfieri Michael User Engagement Manager and Student Supervisor Research, Teaching, and Services 556-1852
Anderson Meshia Acquisitions Specialist Cataloging and Metadata 556-6596
Bach Pamela Undergraduate Research and Teaching Librarian Research, Teaching, and Services 556-1580
Bachelder Dean Evening and Weekend Supervisor, Circulation Desk Health Sciences Library 558-5677
Baldwin Ted Director, Science and Engineering Libraries Science and Engineering Libraries-ENG 556-4211
Banoun Susan Head, Electronic Resources Department Electronic Resources 556-1440
Becker Alan Quality Control and SWORD Processing Coordinator Interlibrary Services and Access 556-2650
Bernardo Christa Director of Development Administration 556-0055
Borkenhagen Gregory Library Associate Interlibrary Services and Access 556-1454
Bourne Regina HR/OD Director Human Resources 556-0326
Bramel Michael ILL/DD Borrowing Associate Health Sciences Library 558-2807
Braunlin Michael Assistant Head Classics Library Classics Library 556-1333
Burgess Kristen Assistant Director for Research and Informatics Health Sciences Library 558-3071
Campbell James Network Analyst Library IT Services 556-1408
Cauthen Paul Assistant Music Librarian CCM Library 556-1965
Chang May Library Chief Technology Officer Library IT Services 556-3165
Cheng Hong Global Services Librarian Science and Engineering Libraries-ENG 556-5707
Corday Mikaila Senior Library Specialist Electronic Resources 556-1013
Crawford Jeff E-Resources Cataloging & Database Mgmt. Specialist Electronic Resources 556-1512
Crowe Sean Digital Analyst and Developer Librarian Digital Collections and Repositories 556-1899
Cummins James Senior Librarian Elliston Poetry 556-1570
Doctor Jenny Head of the Albino Gorno Memorial Music (CCM) Libr CCM Library 556-1970
Downing Sharon Cataloging Assistant CCM Library 556-1963
Duckworth Michael Acquisitions Editor Administration 556-2559
Ebert Jessica Conservation Technician Preservation Services 556-1877
Figueirinhas Catarina Sr. Conservation Specialist Preservation Services 556-4280
Franklin Rosemary Reference Librarian and Selector Research, Teaching, and Services 556-0633
Freeman Robert Coordinator of eLearning CECH Library 556-1329
Gavin Dennis Application Analyst Library IT Services 556-1404
Ghosh Cheryl Head, CECH Library CECH Library 556-1758
Gottlieb Daniel Senior Advisor to the Dean Administration 556-1464
Grace Kevin Head and University Archivist Archives and Rare Books Library 556-1953
Grant Tiffany Research Informationist Health Sciences Library 558-9153
Green-Harvey Alfreda Library Media Technical Assistant II Cataloging and Metadata 556-2651
Haitz Lisa Software Developer Library IT Services 556-1431
Harris Lori Assistant Director Health Sciences Library 558-0315
Hart Olga Coordinator of Library Instruction Research, Teaching, and Services 556-1850
Hickman Aja Human Resources 556-3086
Hight Susan Technical & Public Services Assistant Science and Engineering Libraries-ENG 556-3230
Hiller Karl IT Analyst Library IT Services 556-6203
Horton Glen Senior Software Developer Digital Collections and Repositories 556-1491
Hutzler Janice Senior Accountant Business Office 556-1996
Hyden Amanda Special Collections & Projects, Metadata Support Cataloging and Metadata 556-1042
Ignatius Elaine Operational Manager & Student Supervisor CECH Library 556-1423
Jason Don Clinical Informationist Health Sciences Library 558-0725
Johnson Arlene Digital Humanities Strategist Langsam Library 556-1417
Kaya Birsen Director, HSL IT and Circulation Health Sciences Library 558-0345
Kean Emily Research and Education Librarian Health Sciences Library 558-3849
Kinsey Kathleen Government Document Specialist Interlibrary Services and Access 556-1874
Kline Ben Assistant Director Research, Teaching, and Services 556-1419
Konecny Mark Scholarly Communications UC Press 556.2511
Koshoffer Amy Science Informationist Science and Engineering Libraries-GMP 556-1310
Krivickas Jennifer Head, DAAP Library DAAP Library 556-1319
Lee James Co-Director of the Digital Scholarship Center Langsam Library 556.5924
Leporati Rebecca Digital Literacy Fellow Research, Teaching, and Services 556.4035
Lindau Rebecka Head of the John Miller Burnam Classical Library Classics Library 556-1315
Lipscomb Pam Depository Manager Interlibrary Services and Access 513-727-3475
Mackiewicz Jenny Coordinator of Special Projects and Programs Administration 556-1394
Mao Yu Business System Analyst Business Office 556-1429
McMillan Mary Anne HR/Purchasing Assistant Human Resources 556-1562
McMillin Bill Digital Metadata Librarian Cataloging and Metadata 556-1043
Meyer Elizabeth Visual Resources Librarian DAAP Library 556-0279
Mihaly Sara Student and Circulation Supervisor DAAP Library 556-1321
Miniard Kathi Executive Staff Assistant Administration 556-1397
Moena Diego Electronic Resources & Acquisitions Specialist Electronic Resources 556-1411
Moffitt Sally Reference Librarian and Selector Research, Teaching, and Services 556-1860
Myree Debbie Director of Business Affairs Business Office 556-1424
Newman Linda Head, Digital Collections and Repositories Digital Collections and Repositories 556-1555
Norris Melissa Director of Library Communications Library Communications 556-1558
Parks Keloni DAAP Library Fellow DAAP Library 556-1335
Pasi Gino Archivist and Curator for the Winkler Center Health Sciences Library 558-5123
Person Craig Operations Manager & Student Supervisor Science and Engineering Libraries-ENG 556-1453
Poulos Peter Computer & Information Analyst Health Sciences Library 558-6046
Prochaska Holly Head, Preservation Services Preservation Services 556-1389
Purtee Sharon HSL Technical Services Librarian Health Sciences Library 558-1019
Purvis Val Services Coordinator Health Sciences Library 558-0186
Reller Suzanne Reference/Collections Librarian Archives and Rare Books Library 556-7016
Roberts Randall Liaison Crim. Just., Psyc., Soc, EndNote/Refworks Research, Teaching, and Services 556-1864
Sandor David Circulation Supervisor CCM Library 556-1510
Saxton Elna Head, Content Services Electronic Resources 556-1413
Scarpelli Elizabeth UC Press Director UC Press 556-1494
Scherz Thomas Senior Software Developer Digital Collections and Repositories 556-1406
Schick Leslie Sr. Associate Dean of Library Services & Director Health Sciences Library 558-4321
Schieszer Ashleigh Lab Conservator Preservation Services 556-4289
Sinnard Jay Manager Media & Comp Res Library IT Services 556-1893
Sorcher Veronica Conservation Technician Preservation Services sorcheva@UCMAIL.UC.EDU 556-5144
Starbuck Edith Information Services Librarian Health Sciences Library 558-1433
Stevens Cade Circulation Manager Classics Library 556-1314
Stork John Assistant Head, Interlibrary Services and Access Interlibrary Services and Access 556-1984
Tansey Eira Digital Archivist/Records Manager Archives and Rare Books Library 556-1958
Tassell Regina Associate to Dean Administration 556-1044
Taylor-Slaughter June Technical Processing and E-Reserves Manager Science and Engineering Libraries-GMP 556-1587
Tenofsky Deborah Head of Research, Teaching, and Services Research, Teaching, and Services 556-1888
Thatcher Carissa Content Services & Collections Strategist Electronic Resources 556-5758
Thomas Anthony Delivery Worker II Interlibrary Services and Access 556-1425
Tucker Hyacinth Binding Processor Preservation Services 556-1880
Tunningley Dennis Computer & Information Analyst Health Sciences Library 558-2952
Van Mil James Digital Analyst and Developer Librarian Digital Collections and Repositories 556-1410
Voynovich Chris Conservation Technician Preservation Services 556-4293
Wagner Michelle eLearning Developer and Analyst for Emerging Techn Library IT Services 556-1308
Wagner Gerald HSL ILL Supervisor Health Sciences Library 558-8389
Wang Xuemao Dean and University Librarian Administration 556-1515
Wantsala Nicholas Research, Teaching, and Services 556-1423
Welter Amanda Director, Library Facilities and Planning Administration 556-7015
Weng Bryan Business Manager Business Office 556-1463
White Thomas Department Head Cataloging and Metadata 556-1460
Williams Sara Subscriptions, Package Plans, and Membership Manag Cataloging and Metadata 556-1396