Scholar@UC 4.1.0 released

A minor update to Scholar@UC is now available at

This update is mostly bug fixes, but one new feature is the ability for users to export the contents of their collections to a .csv file.  To access this feature, log into Scholar@UC, navigate to your collections dashboard, click on one of your collections, and then click the “Export Collection” button.

Please contact the Scholar@UC Team ( with any questions.

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Scholar@UC 4.0 is here

Scholar@UC 4.0 is now available at

To see an overview of new features and changes, visit Scholar@UC’s What’s New page:

Please contact the Scholar@UC Team ( with any questions!

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Scholar@UC 3.0.2 released

Scholar@UC 3.0.2 was deployed on January 25th. We added an Office of Research lockup on homepage, set titles for static pages., added help text when adding and removing items from collections, adjusted “What is Scholar@UC” text on homepage, added college to the Scholar@UC People listing, removed the User “Joined On” date from user profile displays, and resolved various bug fixes.

Scholar@UC is built on the open source code from the Samvera project.

Please direct any questions to the Scholar@UC Team at

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Scholar@UC 3.01 released

Scholar@UC 3.01 was deployed on November 21.    Display issues with the recent 3.0 release were fixed, such as missing paragraph breaks in Collection descriptions, a missing help page for DOI support, and a place in the interface that said “All of Hyrax” instead of “All of Scholar@UC.”  Hyrax is the open source code from the Samvera project, which the Scholar@UC Team helps to maintain and uses as the base for Scholar@UC.

Please direct any questions to the Scholar@UC Team at

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Scholar@UC 3.0 is here

On November 13 a major new release of Scholar@UC became available – Scholar 3.0 — and the earlier content freeze (see previous post) was lifted.

Scholar@UC 3.0

Scholar@UC 3.0

The Scholar@UC 3.0 upgrade includes some exciting new features: Read more ›

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Scholar@UC Upgrade and Content Freeze

Scholar@UC is undergoing an upgrade!  On Oct. 19 or soon after, Scholar@UC will freeze content to undergo a planned migration to an upgraded platform, “Scholar 3.0″.  During the freeze, all content including works, collections, and user profiles will be available but read-only; submitting new content will not be possible during this time.  The content freeze is projected to last a little over one week (restoring full access on October 30th or soon after).  Once the migration is complete, an all-clear email will be sent out and new content contributions and changes can resume.

The Scholar@UC 3.0 upgrade includes some exciting new features:

  • Improved look & feel
  • Content dashboard for easier management of your works
  • Batch work creation and upload
  • Usage analytics for your content (views and downloads)
  • New work relation model allowing works to be nested and related in meaningful ways
  • Social media sharing widgets

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the team: Scholar@UC Team.

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The Graduate School Extols the Benefits of Scholar@UC


A recent article by Danniah Daher, graduate assistant to the Graduate School Office, entitled Scholar@UC: The Archive You Need, talks about the need to preserve and protect scholarly work and research data by submitting it to the university repository. Linda Newman, head of digital collections and repositories, is quoted as saying, “The mission of Scholar@UC is to preserve the permanent intellectual output of UC…We are very serious about preservation. We’re also very serious about access. We want to make the content accessible—content that otherwise would just be sitting on someone’s hard drive in their office. We consider preservation and access our two most important jobs.”

The full article can be read online at

Read more ›

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Scholar@UC 2.4 – ORCID support is here

We’ve just deployed Scholar@UC 2.4, which introduces support for ORCID, the Open Researcher and Contributor ID.  You can read more about ORCID here.  To obtain an ORCID and link it to your profile in Scholar@UC, login to Scholar@UC, and under your name (top-right), go to “My Profile.”  Next select “Update Personal Information.”  You will now see links to Create an ORCID, or  to link an existing ORCID to your Scholar@UC account.  Once you do so, a link to your ORCID profile will display under your photograph and name.

There will be more information about ORCID forthcoming.

This release of Scholar@UC also introduces some new help pages with added information for students submitting their own works, and guidelines for their faculty advisors.  We have added accessibility information to the File Format Advice page and from the Help menu.  Items in the Help menu are now sorted alphabetically.

Other fixes are minor bug or background tweaks.  All changes are listed in our change log.

Our software development team is continuing to make progress with the next major release, Scholar@UC 3.0.   Our work for Scholar 3.0 is taking place in a sandbox (test) environment where we are building upon substantial new code contributions from the Project Hydra community.   When we have merged our code with the code from the Hydra community, we will reach out to early adopters and others to help us evaluate this major release with substantial additional functionality.


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Scholar@UC 2.3 – better character handling

We’ve just released Scholar@UC 2.3.  One improvement of note – we discovered that when strings of chracters were cut and pasted from other software applications, notably in the Microsoft Windows environment, into the Scholar@UC title field, special characters at the end of lines (such as a hidden ‘vertical tab’) could cause the Scholar@UC work submission process to fail.  We have corrected this issue. Read more ›

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Scholar@UC 2.2 can now import videos from UC’s Kaltura

We’ve just released Scholar@UC version 2.2.0. In addition to many bug fixes, there are several new features available in this new version:

  • Users can now use the “Cloud file” upload tab to import their UC Kaltura videos directly into Scholar@UC.
  • Keyword search has been extended to all descriptive metadata fields.
  • Added Clermont, Blue Ash, and Law Library to the “College” menu option for student work types.
  • On collection pages, the “Search within this collection” button has been renamed “Browse this collection.”
  • To facilitate batch loads and imports of works from other repositories, repository managers can now change work ownership to users who have never logged in.   Once those users login, they will have complete control of their content.


A full list of changes can be found in the 2.2.0 changelog.

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