Scholar@UC 2.1 released

Scholar@UC version 2.1 is now available.  With this update, Scholar@UC enforces a 3 GB limit for files uploaded or downloaded through the online interface, but also directs users to a form for requesting help with larger files.  The Scholar@UC team will manually or bulk load larger files directly to the repository, and provide an asynchronous method for authorized sharing of larger files when requested.

Note that 3 GB files may be extremely slow, until IT@UC has completed the work to add memory resources to the Scholar@UC production environment.  The Scholar@UC team will continue to lobby for improvements to this environment.

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Scholar@UC 2.0 is here.

Scholar 2.0 is here!   It includes two new work types, Theses and Dissertations and Student Works, increasing the support in Scholar@UC for exemplar student content.  Also included in today’s Scholar 2.0 release are major enhancements such as improved collection searchability and management, email notifications, and catalog discovery and sort options (in particular a new ‘date created’ facet, and the ability to sort the catalog browse by title).  For a complete list of features and bug fixes see our change log.

With the deployment of this version, we are beginning work on the next major release, Scholar 3.0.  Our work for Scholar 3.0 will begin in a sandbox (test) environment where we will build upon substantial new code contributions from the Project Hydra community (to be technical, upgrades to Fedora 4, Solr 5 and a new implementation of Hydra named ‘Sufia 7′).   When we have merged our code with the code from the Hydra community, we will reach out to early adopters and others to help us evaluate this major release with substantial additional functionality. Read more ›

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Scholar@UC 1.11.0 Adds License Selector and Support for ETDs

This release of Scholar@UC includes several new features and bug fixes.  When submitting new content, users can now use a new license selector that will help them determine the appropriate license for their work.  We also added the ability for the Graduate School to submit Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETDs).

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Scholar@UC 1.10.0 Released

Scholar@UC version 1.10.0 is now available.  In addition to several bug fixes and administrative enhancements, this new release makes it easier to see when a collection is contained within another collection.

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Scholar@UC 1.9.0 Adds student work types

Scholar@UC version 1.9.0 has just been released.  In addition to several bug fixes, this release adds a work type for student content.  This new work type allows a student’s faculty advisor or sponsor to add the student’s work to Scholar.

The new student work type can be found on the Add a Work page.

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Scholar@UC 1.8.1 enhances the dataset documentation.

This release of scholar@uc includes enhanced dataset documentation, improves user lookup, and fixes mobile display.  For a complete list of bug fixes, see:

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Scholar@UC 1.8 includes new feature and several bug fixes

The latest version of Scholar@UC displays user email addresses when searching for users to add as an editor or group member.  This will avoid confusion if there happens to be more than one user with the same name.  Several minor bug fixes are also included.

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Scholar Stories: Nan Niu PhD

In this Scholar Story, Dr. Nan Niu PhD, CEAS professor of Software Engineering talks about how he benefits from UC’s institutional repository Scholar@UC for his research in software engineering and teaching as well as archiving his own scholarly output. Additionally he discusses how the library can partner with research and teaching faculty to develop research projects and bring real-world agile development experience to the classroom. Library Staff mentioned in this story are Eira Tansey -Digital Archivist, Sean Crowe, Glen Horton,Thomas Scherz and James Van Mil–Scholar Development Team, Linda Newman Head of Digital Collections and Repositories, and Amy Koshoffer- Science Informationist. For more about the projects mentioned and the “i*” modeling approach, read the Liblog Entry – Scholar@UC Goes to Class (01/04/2016).
Nan Niu on Scholar and Requirement Engineering project

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Scholar 1.7 improves mobile display, shows name of work submitter, and enhances DOI handling based on access rights.

With Scholar@UC 1.7 we have deployed various display improvements for mobile users. We have also adjusted the handling of Document Object Identifiers (DOIs) for embargoed and private works, so that DOIs are held in reserve until a work is made public, at which time the DOI becomes public.  (You can read more about DOIs and access rights on the Scholar@UC FAQ.)  The name of a submitter of a work is now shown with the work metadata, with a link to the submitter’s Scholar@UC profile page.

Other changes include: Read more ›

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Scholar@UC 1.6 has an enhanced image experience and a new video work type.

With the Scholar@UC 1.6, we have enhanced the user’s image experience with the OpenSeaDragon viewer.  This viewer allows zooming, panning, and full screen display of images, including JP2.   Take a look at an image from John Wallrodt’s The Durrës Regional Archaeological Project (DRAP)

Scholar@UC also supports video deposits with a new work type and metadata targeted towards this type of material.  This is the first step towards a larger video experience.

The other changes with version 1.6 are:

  • Removed the contact form captcha requirement for logged in users.
  • Added the ability to assign read-only permissions to individuals or to a group.
  • Added a new work type for video content.
  • Added an embedded image viewer.
  • Bug fixes
    • Editor rights from additional editors are now also granted to linked resources.
    • Required form fields no longer accept only space characters as valid content.
    • Users are now properly hidden until they own a work.
    • All form fields now reject content that includes HTML script tags.
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