Le bréviaire Grimani à la Bibliothèque Marciana de Venise

Fernando Ongania , 1906

Le bréviaire Grimani à la Bibliothèque Marciana de Venise

This unusual facsimile was printed in Venice on September 28, 1905 as one of only 500 copies in French. Six colored plates are the work of Venetian Mannerist sculptor Alessandro Vittoria (1525–1608) and four miniatures of Flemish painter Hans Memling (1430-1494). The 110 numbered plates are reproductions of miniatures ascribed to several famous Flemish painters, besides Hans Memling also Simon Bening (1483–1561) and Gerard David (1460–1523) and others. The Grimani Breviary, the original of which is in the Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana, Venice, Italy, is a masterpiece among Flemish illuminated manuscripts. It was produced in Ghent and Bruges ca. 1515-1520 and owned by Domenico Grimani (1461-1523), a well-known Italian nobleman, theologian and cardinal. Born in Venice and the son of Antonio Grimani, featured in the medallion. The book is bound in red velvet, which is rare.

Condition and treatment: This is an early 20th century red velvet binding with a gold embossed emblem on the upper cover. In order to protect the fragile red velvet from further light damage, the binding is in need of an enclosure. Preservation will consist of hinging together breaks in the textblock, surface cleaning the pages, and housing the binding in a cloth covered clamshell with an integrated cradle.

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Library: John Miller Burnam Classics Library

Le bréviaire Grimani à la Bibliothèque Marciana de Venise

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