Hydrostaticae dissertationes

Paolo Casati , 1695

Hydrostaticae dissertationes

The Hydrostaticae dissertations is a subset of Paulo Casati’s most influential work, Terra machinis mota. Originally published in 1658 in Rome, this work is unique in that it imagines a dialogue between Galileo Galilei, Marin Mersenne, and Paul Guldin, three heavyweight physicists of the recent generation. Important for its detailed description of several experiments, such as one to determine the weight and dimensions of Earth, this work is also significant for its positive portrayal of Galileo a mere 25 years after his condemnation by the church. This is particularly momentous due to Casati’s devout Jesuit beliefs. Thus, the importance of this book lies in its historical and cultural value, in addition to its scientific contributions.

Condition and treatment: This is a semi-rigid parchment binding dating to the late 17th century. The textblock is sewn on raised cords with red and white endbands that are laced into the parchment cover. The textblock is in excellent condition and does not appear to be previously treated; however, the cover is warping from in sufficient housing that does not restrain the covers well enough to prevent them from warping. This binding is in need of humidification and flattening and final housing a custom cloth covered compression enclosure.

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Hydrostaticae dissertationes

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