For detailed views and descriptive metadata of the below garments and others, visit our corresponding digital collection, the DAAP Library Visual Arts Collection, hosted by University of Cincinnati Libraries.

The UC Bonnie Cashin Collection is a sub-collection of the larger, Historical Garments Collection situated in the School of Design in the College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning at the University of Cincinnati. The Cashin Collection comprises over 200 historical garments designed by Cashin for Sills and Co. between 1960 and 1980. Exhibited here is a selection of garments, photographed by UC students as a part of the Documenting a Fashion Icon course. This site is active so visit regularly for more images and information about our collection!




 Pink Woven Wool and Suede Coat Pink Woven Wool and Suede Coat Pastel Plaid Skirt Suit Pastel Plaid Skirt Suit

Orange Mohair Dress Orange Mohair Dress Cool Color Cape Cool Color Cape

Split Side Seam Coat Split Side Seam Coat Scarlet Jacket and Skirt Set Scarlet Jacket and Skirt Set

Hooded Tan Leather Coat Hooded Tan Leather Coat Wool Plaid Skirt Wool Plaid Skirt

Powder Blue Leather Pant Powder Blue Leather Trousers Lavender Leather Coat Lavender Leather Coat

Orange Leather Trench Coat Orange Leather Trench Coat Lime Green Leather Trench Coat Lime Green Leather Trench Coat

Lemon Lime Tweed Coat Lemon Lime Tweed Coat Powder Blue Leather Trenchcoat Blue Leather Trenchcoat

Midnight Black Pullover Coat Midnight Black Pullover Coat Multi-Colored Plaid Wool Jacket Colorful Plaid Wool Jacket

Lime Green Quilted Canvas A-Line Skirt Lime Green Quilted Canvas A-Line Skirt Burnt Orange Leather Coat Burnt Orange Leather Coat


Tangerine Full-length Knit Dress Tangerine Full-length Knit Dress Jet Black Faux Fur Coat Jet Black Faux Fur Coat

Jet Black Faux Fur Coat Brown Hooded Suede Coat Brown Hooded Suede Coat Brown Hooded Suede Coat

Brown Faux Fur Coat Brown Faux Fur Coat Gray Skirt Suit Gray Skirt Suit

Cream Woven Wool Coat Cream Woven Wool Coat Cream Woven Wool Coat Felted Coat

Woven Wool Blend Winter Coat Woven Wool Blend Winter Coat Woven Wool Blend Winter Coat Felted Coat

Gray Felted Coat Gray Felted Coat Lime Green Leather Coat Lime Green Leather Coat


Rusty Brown Mohair Evening Coat Rusty Brown Mohair Evening Coat Plaid and Suede Cape Coat Plaid and Suede Cape Coat

Plaid and Suede Cape Coat Tan Plaid Mohair Coat Tan Plaid Mohair Coat Raspberry Pink Leather Coat

Raspberry Pink Leather Coat Shell Pink Mohair Trench Coat Shell Pink Mohair Trench Coat Khaki Double Breasted Coat With Fur Collar

Khaki Double Breasted Coat With Fur Collar Houndstooth Work Suit Houndstooth Work Suit Houndstooth Work Suit

Tartan Plaid Tailored Blouse Seafoam-green Oversized Turtleneck Seafoam-green Oversized Turtleneck Tan Faux Fur and Leather Coat

Knit Skirt and Jacket Knit Skirt and Jacket Tan Faux Fur and Leather Coat Glen Plaid Pullover Shirt

Soft Blue Leather Jacket Red and Black Plaid Winter Coat Red and Black Plaid Winter Coat Mustard-Colored Raincoat


Mustard-Colored Raincoat Terracotta Colored Raincoat or Trenchcoat Terracotta Colored Raincoat or Trenchcoat Houndstooth Wool Poncho

Wool Coat with Leather Tie Wool Coat with Leather Tie Houndstooth Wool Coat Houndstooth Wool Coat

IMG_8852 Mint Green Coat Purple and Orange Plaid Coat IMG_8848

Yellow Wool Coat Yellow Wool Coat Blue-Checked Wool Coat Dress Blue-Checked Wool Coat Dress

Cream-Colored Faux Fur Dress Coat Cream-Colored Faux Fur Dress Coat  Oversized Brown Leather Poncho