Multi Colored Knit Skirt and Jacket

As many of Bonnie Cashin’s designs derived from Asian culture, this dynamic, multi-colored, knit ensemble references the architectural pattern of a kimono. Laying the jacket flat on a surface will reveal its t-shaped form. While a traditional kimono floats on the body at floor length, this oversized jacket and matching high waist, knee length skirt, both bordered with a solid polyester binding, is modernized by swaying loosely on the body at a less modest measurement. The top can easily be layered over a shirt or signature Cashin hood-collared sweater. Cashin also revamps the kimono style by shortening the sleeves to the elbow and allowing the jacket to swing freely around the hips. Although Cashin’s pencil skirt utilizes a traditional, hidden zipper closure, the knit jacket is sealed in front, just above the sternum, by a brass chain and pin. This chain and pin closure allows for a woman to swiftly seal the jacket before jetting off to a meeting across town. The warm knit is made up of pink and green colors, with a hint of mustard yellow.