The Emergence of the Professional Planning Consultant

From 1921 through 1968, the career of Cincinnati-based Ladislas Segoe (1894–1983) paralleled the evolution of planning. Frequently instrumental in the development and perfection of American planning practice, he was involved in all levels and nearly all fields of planning. Through his widespread and successful consulting work, his publishing and his speaking, Segoe was a tireless advocate of independent, professional planning. Despite the Depression, World War II, the problems of urban renewal in the 1950s and civic unrest in the 1960s, he maintained a successful planning practice. That success was due to the strength of his personality, the coherence of his vision of planning as an encompassing process, his conscientious follow-through, and his insistence that planners be responsible, reasonable and honest professionals. He was one of the earliest city planning consultants in the US, advocated throughout his career for the increased presence of private planning firms and is one of only 83 individuals who has been named a “National Planning Pioneer” by the American Planning Association.

The Life and Work of Regional Planning Pioneer Ladislas Segoe (1894-1983)