10 Times Romeo and Juliet Inspired Modern Works

endless love10. Endless Love

Apologies to anyone who likes this movie, but this remake of the Romeo and Juliet recreation was more absurd than the original story. At least this couple found a happier ending.





gnomeo and juliet

9. Gnomeo and Juliet

An obvious remake, this tale follows two families of lawn gnomes. It’s a cute movie for kids, but lacks entertainment value for anyone over five.



Kwok_as_Romeo8. The Proud Family

Penny was so excited to get her first kiss! Her dad was a little less thrilled…




suitelife7. The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

That time when London fell in love with the son of her father’s sworn enemy and they went to a masquerade ball so they could spend time together.



Archie Comic
6. Archie Comics

There was no way Veronica was going to put up with Jughead’s nonsense.





5. Boy Meets World

Oh, Mr. Minkus!


Gilmore Girls4. Gilmore Girls

Dean is lucky Tristan had to go to military school and Rory ended up being Paris’ Juliet.




frankie-muniz-13379966783. Lizzie McGuire

Remember that time Frankie Muniz walked in when Lizzie was going to play Ethan’s Juliet? So do we.




2. That’s So Raven

Poor Raven just wanted her mom to NOT be her teacher.


enhanced-buzz-6026-1379018905-191. Boy Meets World (again)

This show was really into this play, but what would you expect from the people who brought us Corey and Topanga? Gotta love a middle school Matthews getting some of Mr. Feeney’s infinite wisdom.

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