Classics Library: Student Assistant Positions Available — Apply Now

The Classics Library is currently accepting applications for student assistants, for the fall and spring semester.

Tasks include:

  • staffing the Circulation Desk
  • maintaining the shelves
  • filling ILL and OhioLink requests
  • searching book lists
  • other tasks as needed

Positions require a commitment of at least 10–12 hours per week. Some positions require a federal Work/Study grant. Preference will be given to students with background in Classics (Ancient Greek and Latin) and to students with foreign language skills. However, all humanities students are welcome to apply.

The library is located on the 1st floor of the Blegen Library building.

Please fill out the application form below and return to Rebecka Lindau, Head, or to Cade Stevens,  Circulation and Student Worker Supervisor, Classics Library



Date _____________________

Name ________________________________________________________

Address ______________________________________________________

Phone ___________________

E-Mail ______________________________


Undergraduate/Graduate (circle one) & Degree Program________________ _____________________________________________________________


Language skills__________________________________________________


Current or most recent employer ___________________________________ _____________________________________________________________


Previous library experience _______________________________________ _____________________________________________________________


Other experience working with the public ___________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________


Are you eligible for federal Work/Study assistance? Yes / No


Have you accepted a federal Work/Study grant for the current academic year or semester?

Yes / No


Do you hold a Graduate Assistant or Teaching Assistant position? Yes / No


Any other information you wish to provide___________________________ ______________________________________________