Bridges to Diversity and Inclusion Exhibit in Langsam Library

bridges to diversity and inclusion iconUC Libraries received a grant from the Provost’s Office to promote and celebrate diversity throughout the university community. Entitled “Bridges to Diversity and Inclusion” this initiative will provide a school year filled with events, programs and exhibits designed to celebrate diversity on the UC campus and beyond.

A new exhibit on the fourth floor of Langsam Library highlights “Bridges to Diversity and Inclusion” with information on ways that people can participate in the initiative and a showcase of library resources that celebrate and explore all areas of diversity. Continue reading

UCBA Library Learns About Student Vets


Jill Cochran, Dave Frese and Marisa Oehlhof

Each semester, the UC Blue Ash Library Faculty and Staff take part in a diversity awareness session in order to learn how to better serve the our community and the unique needs of our users. On Friday, May 1st, VetSuccess on Campus Counselor Jill Cochran, UCBA Coordinator of Veteran Student Affairs Dave Frese and Assistant Professor and Rally Point rep Marissa Oehlhof shared useful information about our student veteran population and tips on how the library might provide better services to them.


UCBA faculty and staff learn about student veterans

To learn more about student veterans at UC and UCBA check out these sources:


Coming Together to Give Thanks


Over 50 students and UCL staff got together on the afternoon on November 13th to learn about holidays, traditions, and feasts around the world celebrating fall, harvest, family, or giving thanks. Alongside Thanksgiving favorites, including turkey, corn bread, greens and pies, the dishes on our holiday table featured Caribbean jerk chicken with rice, beans, and vegetables, Chinese mooncakes, Russian apple cakes, Indian rice and carrot puddings, and other delicacies. After filling (and refilling) our plates and learning to say “thank you” in several languages, we embarked on a tour of the world spotlighting holidays and festivals in China, Germany, India, Japan, Korea, Kurdistan, Russia, South Africa, Turkey, and United States. We learned a lot about various holidays and food associated with them. Continue reading