Scholar@UC 1.3 Release

1.3.0 12/04/2015

  • Updated text on the Welcome page and Collection Policy page
  • Added new styling to the upload buttons for works, files, collection images, and profile images
  • The My Works screen now only lists content that is owned by the user
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed a bug that caused search terms to be lost when selecting a facet
    • Fixed a bug that caused sort options to be lost when moving to the next page of search results
    • Fixed a bug that required users to edit and save their profile page before adding sections to their profile
    • Fixed a bug that allowed a user’s delegate’s delegates to edit the user’s works
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the depositor of a work from being removed as an editor of the work
    • Fixed a bug that generated an error when certain types of files with Additional Status Messages were displayed
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