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Scholar@UC uses 2-Factor Authentication

IT@UC now requires university applications to use Duo 2-factor authentication through your phone when you log in. Since Scholar@UC uses UC’s single-sign on with your six+two account, you will now see a Duo prompt when you log into the repository

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Scholar@UC 4.2.0 released

A minor update to Scholar@UC is now available at With this update we switch to Datacite ( as our DOI minting service, upgrade our iiif imaging service, and improve the catalog display and work show pages.  We have also included many

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Scholar@UC 3.0.2 released

Scholar@UC 3.0.2 was deployed on January 25th. We added an Office of Research lockup on homepage, set titles for static pages., added help text when adding and removing items from collections, adjusted “What is Scholar@UC” text on homepage, added college to

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Scholar@UC 2.0 is here.

Scholar 2.0 is here!   It includes two new work types, Theses and Dissertations and Student Works, increasing the support in Scholar@UC for exemplar student content.  Also included in today’s Scholar 2.0 release are major enhancements such as improved collection

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Scholar@UC 1.8.1 enhances the dataset documentation.

This release of scholar@uc includes enhanced dataset documentation, improves user lookup, and fixes mobile display.  For a complete list of bug fixes, see:

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Scholar@UC 1.6 has an enhanced image experience and a new video work type.

With the Scholar@UC 1.6, we have enhanced the user’s image experience with the OpenSeaDragon viewer.  This viewer allows zooming, panning, and full screen display of images, including JP2.   Take a look at an image from John Wallrodt’s The Durrës Regional

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Scholar@UC 1.3 Release

1.3.0 12/04/2015 Updated text on the Welcome page and Collection Policy page Added new styling to the upload buttons for works, files, collection images, and profile images The My Works screen now only lists content that is owned by the

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Scholar@UC 1.2 released.

With the upgrade to version 1.2 we have improved accessibility options for screen readers, indexed the owner field in SOLR, and updated various support gems.  A complete list of changes can be found here:

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Scholar@UC 0.14.0 Released

With Scholar@UC version 0.14.0 users can now attach multiple files from their desktop. 0.14.0 7/2/2015 The contact form now requires users to complete a CAPTCHA before sending. Repository manager accounts are no longer visible to other users. Error pages have been

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Scholar@UC 0.12.0 Released

The most recent version of Scholar@UC is now available.  This release includes the addition of Work input forms that link to the Creator Rights page A non-discrimination notice on the site’s footer Bug fixes Several security issues have been resolved

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