The University of Cincinnati Honors Program
This trip to Edinburgh was made possible by the University of Cincinnati’s Honors Program.  Click the link to find out more about various studying abroad opportunities that UC offers through various Honors Seminars.

The University of Cincinnati International Program
The University of Cincinnati also offers other travel abroad opportunities for those not in the Honors Program.  These opportunities can range from a week to a year in length.

The UNESCO City of Literature Program
If you want to learn about the background of the City of Literature Program, or learn what the criteria are for a city to become a City of Literature, please click the link above.

Edinburgh UNESCO City of Literature
Edinburgh is an UNESCO City of Literature, and this is one of the primary reasons our study tour ventured here.  There are currently seven cities of literature across the globe.

The Sin-Eater in Folklore, Literature, and Pop Culture
As you might have learned in the Ghost Story, Sin-Eaters are those who would take on the sins of another through food or drink.  The Sin-Eater is not a new legend, though.  To learn about the history of the Sin-Eater and its references in pop culture, follow the link above.

The Archives & Rare Books Library
This project was in partnership and presented to the Archives & Rare Books Library of the University of Cincinnati.

The University of Cincinnati Libraries
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