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This website grew from a University of Cincinnati Honors Program seminar, “The Irish in America,” in coordination with the Archives & Rare Books Library. The focus is on the history and the living heritage of the Irish in Cincinnati and is designed to be a sustainable and informative site that is a collaborative effort between archivists, students, scholars, and the general public.

Loreena McKennitt

By: Mickayla Beckett With all of the festivities and business in Cincinnati during autumn, it may seem a bit surprising that a non-themed concert could be completely packed.   For many of the Irish-descended or Irish-interested people in Cincinnati, however, it… Continue Reading →

Irish-American Cultural Identity through Theater

By: Ben Knollman One of the more positive impacts that the Irish Diaspora had on society was the global spread of Irish heritage and culture. With over 34 million Americans currently claiming Irish ancestry, the effects of Irish emigration remain… Continue Reading →

Balancing of Traditions and the Calendar

By: Lauren Higginbotham Leap Year is a 2010 film, starring Amy Adams as Anna Brady, and Matthew Goode as Declan O’Callaghan.  Frustrated with her long time boyfriend’s lack of a marriage proposal, Anna decides to travel to Dublin and propose… Continue Reading →

The High Kings: Irish Music Around the World

By: Benjamin Knollman I have been fascinated with Irish music for some time now, especially the Irish folk group The High Kings.  The High Kings were formed in Dublin in 2008, and consist of four members: Finbarr Clancy, Brian Dunphy,… Continue Reading →

On the Outside Looking In

By: Jessica Heskett The Irish filmmaker, Jim Sheridan, directs the 2002 film, In America.  This film tells the story of a family of Irish emigrants who struggle to find their way in New York City after the loss of their… Continue Reading →

More than Music

By: Jason Cochran Groups like the Dropkick Murphys and Black 47 are at the core of Irish influence in the music today. Their new styles and songs are created, with the style of traditional Irish music certainly not forgotten. Though… Continue Reading →

The Prevalence of Mental Illness in Irish Americans: The Three Theories

By: Michelle Casey Depression. Alcoholism.  Schizophrenia.  Just a few of the mental illnesses that rage through the Irish American and Irish communities, yet the Irish will barely utter the terms themselves.  Why is it that such a stereotypically cheery and… Continue Reading →

Tapping into Hearts and History

By: Dominique DiFalco Growing up, one of my biggest dreams was to be a professional dancer. I attended classes until I was about six-years-old for tap and ballet and my best friend was an Irish dancer as well. It wasn’t… Continue Reading →

The Forgotten Female Voice

By: Rachel Forsythe Throughout my life, I’ve always had a deep appreciation for poetry.  It amazes me how poets can express complex emotions, themes, and metaphors in just a few stanzas.  As Voltaire once said “Poetry is the music of… Continue Reading →

Irish Pubs with Irish Grub

By: Mickayla Beckett As human beings, we’re engineered to like food. Some of us even have favorites, though I never could decide on one myself. Food is something that unites people because we all need it, we all make it,… Continue Reading →

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