By: Jessica Heskett

InAmericaMoviePosterThe Irish filmmaker, Jim Sheridan, directs the 2002 film, In America.  This film tells the story of a family of Irish emigrants who struggle to find their way in New York City after the loss of their young son.  With the help of his two daughters, Jim Sheridan wrote this film based upon their lives.  When Sheridan was 17, his younger brother, Frankie, died from a brain tumor.  As a way for Sheridan to grieve and honor his late brother, the character Frankie is included in the film.  The family’s struggles with poverty and immigration in America are taken from Sheridan’s experiences when he moved his family to New York City in the 1980s.  Sheridan has notable accomplishments in film, writing or directing such movies as My Left Foot, The Field, and In the Name of the Father. Collectively, these films received 13 Academy Award nominations. Continue reading