By: Benjamin Knollman

I have been fascinated with Irish music for some time now, especially the Irish folk group The High Kings.  The High Kings were formed in Dublin in 2008, and consist of four members: Finbarr Clancy, Brian Dunphy, Martin Furey, and Darren Holden.  Each member had experience in music performance before the creation of the band.  Recorded in Dublin in 2008, a recently televised concert is ripe with Irish traditions and customs and relate  to why the High Kings have had such an impact on Americans with their traditional Irish music.

One striking aspect in the concert film is the amount of audience participation.  An invitation is offered by Finbarr Clancy, “We have some fantastic songs for you.  We know them, we know you know them, so sing up!”  For the rest of the concert, the camera pans around to people clapping, smiling, and singing whole-heartedly, giving off the friendly vibe of the atmosphere.  It shows the amount of pride the Irish people take in their heritage through music. Continue reading