By: Remy Nering

2_Nering_The Quiet ManThe Quiet Man is a 1950s romantic comedy starring John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara. Sean Thornton (Wayne) returns home to Ireland from American to claim right to his childhood home but in the process, he angers a local man, Will Danaher, who wanted the land Thornton purchases for himself. To Danaher’s dismay, Thornton ends up falling in love with his sister, Mary Kate (O’Hara).  With a little scheming by locals, Danaher agrees to permit Thornton and Mary Kate to marry. When the scheme is discovered, Danaher refuses to give Mary Kate her fortune which she deems necessary to be wed to Thornton. The fortune is of no consequence to Thornton, but Mary Kate will not stand to be with him if she does not have it. It’s only after Thornton confronts Danaher about the ridiculous custom of a fortune’s necessity that Danaher hands it over. Thornton then begins a fight with Danaher; the fight takes an intermission for the men to have a drink then ends shortly after with the two agreeing on grounds of mutual respect. Continue reading