By: Jayci Kuhn

The involvement of children in sports engages them in a community where they gain friendship, athletic ability, and numerous skills that last a lifetime. Gaelic sports in the United States reap all the benefits of any other youth sport but also ties in cultural diversity. Gaelic football and Hurling are the most popular Irish sports in the United States are. Gaelic football is often considered to be a mix of soccer and rugby. Two teams of 15 players battle across a field using a round ball slightly smaller than a soccer ball. The ball is carried for short distances and passing is done with a kick or struck with a hand or fist. Protective equipment is nonexistent. Hurling, on the other hand, is similar to lacrosse or hockey. It’s played on a large field with players carrying a curved wooden stick, or “hurley,” and a small ball called a “sliothar.”.  One of the fastest games afield, it’s not for the faint of heart. Bodies bang, the ball is as hard as a baseball, and the sticks are made of solid ash.Practice Continue reading