Scholar Stories: Andrés Pérez-Simón

Andrés Pérez-Simón

Andrés Pérez-Simón

 Research interests: modern drama, Spanish drama, theory of literature, comparative literature.

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I cannot conceive the task of conducting research today without establishing a dialogue with my peers, and there is no doubt that technology plays a crucial part in keeping the intellectual conversation alive.  In 2008, as a graduate student in Toronto, I created and directed a discussion group on the current state of the discipline of Comparative Literature, and I posted some of the findings on a blog hosted on Blogger. This was an amateurish solution that allowed me to share information with the group participants, but its drawbacks were obvious (I was unable to upload pdf files, for example).

In 2012, in my second year here in Cincinnati, I organized the discussion panel “Rethinking Spanish modernismo in the context of international modernist studies” on occasion of the MMLA annual conference. The five participants (Melissa Dinverno, Ignacio Infante, Alejandro Mejías-López, Gayle Rogers and myself) submitted short position papers that were posted in advance on the conference website, in order to foster a rich discussion with those attending the event. Unfortunately, these white papers are not available to the public anymore, since they were taken off the website once the conference passed. These issues of storage and sharing of documents I have mentioned are examples of technological limitations than can now overcome thanks to Scholar@UC. When working in future projects I will be adopting Scholar@UC in order to promote discussion and disseminate knowledge in a safe and open digital environment.



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