Additional Resources for Cincinnati Maps

Titus' Atlas of Hamilton Co., Ohio
By: R.H. Harrison

This large atlas features an overview map of Cincinnati as well as several detailed plates. Also provided are maps of other Hamilton County towns.

Rare Books Oversized G1398.H2 H3 1869

Cincinnati Annexation Records

The collection, spanning 1869-1939, contains annexation maps for the city as well as maps of the districts being annexed.


Atlas of the City of Cincinnati, Ohio
Complied by E. Robinson

Published in 1883, this atlas features an overview map of Cincinnati measuring 30x35 inches along with 28 individual ward plates measuring approximately 18x26 inches each.

Rare Books Oversized G1399.C5 .R6

Report on the plan of main thoroughfares for Hamilton County, Ohio, Cincinnati
Published by the Regional Planning Commission

Published in 1936, the report includes several maps for Hamilton County and Cincinnati showing current major traffic features, traffic flow, and traffic capacity, as well as plans for future development.

Rare Books HE372.C5 H3 1936

Cincinnati: A Guide to the Queen City and its Neighbors
Compiled by workers of the Writers' Program of the Work Projects Administration, 1943

While this book does not include a complete map of the city, it breaks the area up into "tours" and provides section maps for each. Also covered are suburbs, Covington, and Newport.

Rare Books F499 .C5 W6

The Cincinnati Metropolitan Master Plan and the official city plan of the city of Cincinnati
Published by the Cincinnati City Planning Commission, 1948.

Includes several detailed color maps of Cincinnati districts.

Rare Books NA9127.C5 A5 1948