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Last Name First Name Department Title Email Phone
Baldwin Ted Administration Interim Head, Collections; Dir Science Engineer Li ted.baldwin@uc.edu 556-4211
Harris Lori Administration Interim Assoc Dean Public Services lori.harris@uc.edu 558-0315
Bernardo Christa Administration Director of Development bernarct@foundation.uc.edu 556-0055
Welter Amanda Administration Director, Library Facilities and Planning amanda.welter@uc.edu 556-7015
Mackiewicz Jenny Administration Coordinator of Special Projects and Programs jennifer.mackiewicz@uc.edu 556-1394
Kiscaden Elizabeth Administration Dean and University Librarian kiscadeh@ucmail.uc.edu 556-1515
Bourne Regina Administration Director, Inclusion, Diversity & Org Development regina.bourne@uc.edu 556-0326
Jackson Angela Administration Associate To angela.jackson@uc.edu 556-1515
Cubera Catherine Archives and Rare Books Library Digital Archivist cuberace@ucmail.uc.edu 556-1959
Kirkwood Jonathan Archives and Rare Books Library Records Manager jonathan.kirkwood@uc.edu 556-1559
Crowe Sean Archives and Rare Books Library Digital Analyst and Developer Librarian sean.crowe@uc.edu 556-1899
Reller Suzanne Archives and Rare Books Library Reference/Collections Librarian suzanne.reller@uc.edu 556-7016
Harter Christopher Archives and Rare Books Library University Archivist and Head, ARB Library hartercr@ucmail.uc.edu 556-1959
Temple Alex Archives and Rare Books Library Archivist templea@ucmail.uc.edu 556-1959
Mao Yu Business Office Director of Business Affairs maoyu@ucmail.uc.edu 556-1551
Zonker Christopher Business Office Financial Administrator 2 zonkerca@ucmail.uc.edu 556-1996
Doctor Jenny CCM Library Head of the Albino Gorno Memorial (CCM) Library jenny.doctor@uc.edu 556-1964
Sandor David CCM Library Circulation Supervisor david.sandor@uc.edu 556-1510
Bratt Suzanne CCM Library CCM Library Cataloging Librarian brattse@ucmail.uc.edu 556-1963
Gaiser Madeleine CECH Library Online Learning & Instruction Librarian gaiserml@ucmail.uc.edu 556-1430
Hoople Rachel CECH Library Operations Manager and Student Supervisor hooplere@ucmail.uc.edu 556-1307
Foran-Mulcahy Katie CECH Library Head, CECH Library foranmkn@ucmail.uc.edu 556-1758
Braunlin Michael Classics Library Assistant Head Classics Library michael.braunlin@uc.edu 556-1333
Lindau Rebecka Classics Library Head of the John Miller Burnam Classical Library rebecka.lindau@uc.edu 556-1316
Stevens Cade DAAP Library Student & Circulation Supervisor cade.stevens@uc.edu 556-1321
Meyer Elizabeth DAAP Library Visual Resources Librarian elizabeth.meyer@uc.edu 556-0279
Snyder Edward DTS: Libraries IT Endpoint Specialist snyderew@ucmail.uc.edu 556-0168
Campbell James DTS: Libraries IT Network Analyst James.Campbell@uc.edu 556-1408
Schnee Samantha DTS: Libraries IT System Administrator samantha.schaffer@uc.edu 556-1404
IT@Langsam IT@Langsam DTS: Libraries IT Technology Assistance 'No E-mail' 556-0168
Chang May DTS: Libraries IT Library Chief Technology Officer may.chang@uc.edu 556-3165
Haitz Lisa DTS: Libraries IT Software Developer 3 lisa.haitz@uc.edu 556-1431
Horton Glen DTS: Libraries IT Head, Application Development Unit glen.horton@uc.edu 556-1491
Sorrell Scott DTS: Libraries IT Computer Systems Administrator - Lead sorrelsc@ucmail.uc.edu 558-0290
Scherz Thomas DTS: Libraries IT Senior Software Developer thomas.scherz@uc.edu 556-1406
Huyck Janell DTS: Libraries IT Software Developer janell.huyck@uc.edu 556-0633
Johnson Meni Human Resources Sr. HR. Coordinator jomk@ucmail.uc.edu 5563086
Norris Melissa Library Communications Director of Library Communications melissa.norris@uc.edu 556-1558
Ebert Jessica Preservation Services Conservation Technician jessica.ebert@uc.edu 556-1877
Figueirinhas Catarina Preservation Services Sr. Conservation Specialist catarina.figueirinhas@uc.edu 556-4280
Ferguson Schieszer Ashleigh Preservation Services Lab Conservator ashleigh.schieszer@uc.edu 556-4289
Tucker Hyacinth Preservation Services Binding Processor hyacinth.tucker@uc.edu 556-1880
Prochaska Holly Preservation Services Head, Preservation Services holly.prochaska@uc.edu 556-1389
Becker Alan Reference, Teaching and Services Public Services Assistant beckeraj@ucmail.uc.edu 556-2650
Tenofsky Debbie Reference, Teaching and Services Sr. Librarian, Head of UCL Reference, Teaching & Services tenofsdg@ucmail.uc.edu 556-1888
Alfieri Michael Reference, Teaching and Services Director, User Services michael.alfieri@uc.edu 556-1852
Rinto Erin Reference, Teaching and Services Learning and Research Librarian rintoen@ucmail.uc.edu 000.0000
Patel Margaux Reference, Teaching and Services Business & Data Analytic Librarian margaux.patel@uc.edu 556-1580
Bhat Nimisha Reference, Teaching and Services History, WGSS & Anthropology Librarian nimisha.bhat@uc.edu 556-4657
Kline Ben Reference, Teaching and Services Assistant Department Head, RTS ben.kline@uc.edu 556-1419
Hart Olga Reference, Teaching and Services Coordinator of Library Instruction olga.hart@uc.edu 556-1850
Scarpelli Elizabeth UC Press Director UC Press scarpeea@ucmail.uc.edu 556-1494
Wissman Pamela UC Press Editorial, Design, and Production Manager seyrinpa@ucmail.uc.edu 556-6386
Minelli Mark UC Press Journals & Digital Production Manager minellmr@ucmail.uc.edu 556-6276
Anderson Meshia UCL Collection Development Services and Engagement Interlibrary Loan Specialist meshia.anderson@uc.edu 556-6596
Stork John UCL Collection Development Services and Engagement Assistant Head, Collection Development Svcs john.stork@uc.edu 556-1984
Wagner Gerald UCL Collection Development Services and Engagement Manager, Unit Operations gerald.wagner@uc.edu 558-8389
Hershiser Madison UCL Collection Development Services and Engagement Resource Sharing Assistant hershime@ucmail.uc.edu 556-1454
Johnson Arlene UCL Collection Development Services and Engagement Head, Collection Development Services & Engagement arlene.johnson@uc.edu 556-1417
Van Mil James UCL Content Services Digital Projects & Preservation Librarian James.VanMil@uc.edu 556-1410
Corday Mikaila UCL Content Services eResources & Access mikaila.corday@uc.edu 556-1013
Thatcher Carissa UCL Content Services Team Leader, Collections Acquisitions carissa.thatcher@uc.edu 556-5758
Smith Erin UCL Content Services Collections Acquisitions Specialist smith8en@ucmail.uc.edu 556-1874
Mihaly Sara UCL Content Services Student Supervisor& Collections Receiving Speciali sara.mihaly@uc.edu 556-1365
Reder Lauren UCL Content Services Cataloguer, Classics/Modern Greek rederle@ucmail.uc.edu 000.0000
Gao Sidney UCL Content Services Digital Collections Manager gaosy@ucmail.uc.edu 556-4696
Purtee Sharon UCL Content Services Interim Head, Content Services sharon.purtee@uc.edu 5135581019
Moena Diego UCL Content Services Collections Acquisitions moenads@ucmail.uc.edu 556-1411
Banoun Susan UCL Content Services Team Leader, eResources & Access susan.banoun@uc.edu 556-1440
Williams Sara UCL Content Services Collections Acquisitions sara.williams3@uc.edu 556-1396
Hiller Karl UCL Content Services IT Analyst karl.hiller@uc.edu 556-6203
Hyden Amanda UCL Content Services eResources & Access amanda.hyden@uc.edu 556-1042
Richardson Andrew UCL Health Sciences Library Computer & Information Analyst richaa3@ucmail.uc.edu' 558-0127
Purtee Sharon UCL Health Sciences Library Interim Head, Health Sciences Library sharon.purtee@uc.edu 558-1019
Mudd Matthew UCL Health Sciences Library Endpoint Specialist muddmw@ucmail.uc.edu 558-0127
Warner Lynn UCL Health Sciences Library Research & Health Sciences Librarian warnerlc@ucmail.uc.edu 558-4173
Sliney Kyle UCL Health Sciences Library Multimedia Designer slineykm@ucmail.uc.edu 558-0430
Bachelder Dean UCL Health Sciences Library Evening and Weekend Supervisor, Circulation Desk dean.bachelder@uc.edu 558-5677
Wysinski Nathan UCL Health Sciences Library IT Manager wysinsnj@ucmail.uc.edu 558-4073
Previtera Melissa UCL Health Sciences Library Academic & Research Services Specialist melissa.previtera@uc.edu 558-3071
Jason Don UCL Research and Data Services Clinical Informationist don.jason@uc.edu 558-0725
Grant Tiffany UCL Research and Data Services Assistant Director for Research and Informatics tiffany.grant@uc.edu 558-9153
Koshoffer Amy UCL Research and Data Services Asst Director, Research & Data Services amy.koshoffer@uc.edu 556-1310
Taylor-Slaughter June UCL Science and Engineering Libraries Research & Services Specialist june.taylor@uc.edu 556-1587
Bettencourt-McCarthy Aja UCL Science and Engineering Libraries Science-Engineering Global Services Librarian bettenar@ucmail.uc.edu 556-5707
Person Craig UCL Science and Engineering Libraries Associate Director of Operations personcg@ucmail.uc.edu 556-1453
Hight Susan UCL Science and Engineering Libraries Technical & Public Services Assistant susan.hight@uc.edu 556-3230
Grigg Dean Elaine UCL Science and Engineering Libraries Information Specialist griggdeh@ucmail.uc.edu 556-1550
Chalmers Mark UCL Science and Engineering Libraries Science & Engineering Librarian chalmemk@ucmail.uc.edu 556-1452
Johnson Marcia UCL Science and Engineering Libraries Library Services Supervisor john5md@ucmail.uc.edu 558-0381