The American Irish Historical Society is a society located in New York City, dedicated the study and distribution of knowledge related to the Irish in America, with events and access to a library and archives on the subject.


The American Journal of Irish Studies is a bilingual journal exploring Irish and Irish-American literature, as well as history and culture.


Daltai is a US-based non-profit for the promotion and spread of the Irish Gaelic language, to ensure its survival and to allow it to flourish among Irish-American speakers


Irish America magazine explores issues and people related to Ireland and Irish America.

The acclaimed interdisciplinary journal of the Irish-American Cultural Institute, covering  the arts, humanities and social sciences related to Ireland.


Irish Central is the largest source of Irish news, both for Irish Americans as well as Irish emigrants affected by the continued diaspora of their people.


George Mitchell Scholarship is a scholarship that recognizes the contribution of US Senator George Mitchell to the Irish peace process, inviting postgraduate students to study in Ireland so as to connect generations of future innovators and leaders while fostering a spirit of excellence and commitment to others.


The NESD Celtic Faire and Games is a family-friendly festival, which provides an exciting venue for all individuals who have any interest in Celtic heritage or history, arts,sports, dance, music, or food.


The Pittsburgh Irish Festival is a non-profit corporation created to contribute to the rich cultural awareness of Irish history and tradition that exists in Pittsburgh.


Reading Ireland is a website dedicated to promoting Irish Literature and contemporary Irish writing.


Washington’s Irish Ball is an annual gala to benefit the established educational, arts, and cultural programming of the Irish American Cultural Institute.


Irish-American Film Festivals:

With locations in Los Angeles, California and New York City, New York, Irish Screen America is a four day showcase of contemporary Irish film, TV, web, games, and animation.


Since 1999, The Chicago Irish Film Festival has been dedicated to screening the works of award-winning Irish filmmakers, and aims to highlight the extraordinary diversity and creativity that is the mark of Irish film making.


Located in Washington, D.C., the Capital Irish American film festival is part of the larger organization, Solas Nua, which is dedicated exclusively to contemporary Irish arts.


Founded in 2003, the San Francisco Irish Film Festival presents contemporary Irish cinema, celebrating features, documentaries, Irish language films, and short films.


Irish Music Festivals:

According to Washington, D.C.’s Shamrock Fest’s website, “ShamrockFest is America’s largest St. Paddy’s Day festival, where thousands shake their shamrocks to Celtic rock bands. It’s pure shenanigans where the beer flows strong and everyone is Irish for the day.”


Music City Irish Fest is a two-week long event leading up to Saint Patrick’s Day, where attendees can experience all things Irish in the land of music.


The Great American Irish Festival in Frankfort, New York, has an underlying purpose of furthering an appreciation and understanding of Irish/Celtic music, culture and history.

Taking place in Missoula, Montana at the end of July, this Celtic Festival is an annual celebration of great Celtic culture, focusing on music, dance, and food.

The Bualadh Boston Irish Literary Festival takes place in the capital of Irish America, the Irish Writers Centre, Poetry Ireland, and the Consulate General of Ireland are presenting some of Ireland’s finest contemporary writers in historic Boston.

The Crossroads Salon is a forum to highlight and explore the work of local writers and artists who either have Irish, or Irish-American heritages, and are interested in exploring Irish-American themes.

The 2017 Gaelic Games Association Continental Youth Championship will be taking place in Buffalo, New York from July 26th through the 30th.


The Irish American Heritage Center has hosted Irish Theatre since 1987, and has recruited theatre lovers from across the country to bring Irish history, folklore, and much loved writings to their Chicago stage.

The mission of the Gaelic Park Players is to promote, foster, and develop Irish Theatre, as well as to encourage creativity and stimulate cultural cohesiveness among community members at Gaelic Park.


Myths and Folklore:

Luminarium is a compendium of links related to Irish mythology, covering the major mythological cycles as well as individual stories.


A collection of folk stories and legends from Celtic countries, Ireland included, can be found on World of Tales.