Characters and Cast


American soprano Bernice de Pasquali (1880-1925) sang the title role in Paoletta, alternating performances with Edna Showalter. After instruction in New York with Oscar Saenger, de Pasquali studied in Milan, where she made her début in 1900. She went on to sing in major Italian cities, as well as in Berlin, London and Paris. Her Metropolitan Opera début was in 1909 as Susanna, and she remained a company member until 1917; her roles included Adina, Lucia, Rosina and Violetta. In 1924 she became the first American woman to become a member of the Accademia Filarmonica in Rome. She died of pneumonia in Omaha during a vaudeville tour undertaken against the advice of her physician.

Singing the role of Gomarez in Paoletta, American baritone David Bispham (1857-1921) studied in Italy with Vannuccini in Florence and Francesco Lamperti in Milan; he later studied in London with Shakespeare and Randegger. He made his operatic début as Longueville in Messager’s La Basoche (English Opera House, London, 1891), in which his comic acting ability, as well as his singing, won praise. His first appearance in serious opera was as Kurwenal in Wagner’s Tristan und Isolde (London, 1892). He was particularly effective in the Wagnerian baritone roles. He made his American début with the Metropolitan Opera in New York as Beckmesser (1896) and was on the Met roster from 1896 to 1903. He was a strong advocate of opera sung in English. Bispham’s performances in Paoletta alternated with those of baritone Carl Gantvoort.


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Produced under the direction of Ben Teal

Stage Manager, Luigi Albertieri
The opera conducted by the composer Henry Froehlich, Assistant Conductor
Scenery by Castle & Harvey, after designs by Walter Harvey
Costumes designed by W. R. Barnes, New York (with color schemes by Paul Jones)
Costumes made by S. Buch and Longinotti, New York
All properties and stage decorations are after designs by Paul Jones
Electric effects by Harry Redmond, Cincinnati
Wigs by the Weiss Company, Cincinnati
Shoes by S. Capezio, New York
Properties by Chas. Spurlein
Wardrobe Mistress, Dora Kohlbrand