Although much of Germany was effected by the bombing, the amount of rubble and destruction in each German city depended on a number of factors including the types of bombs used, how often the city was bombed, and the characteristics of the buildings in the particular city.5 In nearly every major city, stores, factories, government buildings, and housing were destroyed. Likewise, basic utility service was interrupted by damage to water, gas, electric, and telephone lines.6 The amount of rubble in Berlin alone was estimated to be 55,000,000 cubic meters. Hamburg had the second largest estimate at 35,800,000 cubic meters or enough debris to fill a train that would encircle the Earth. 7

This building may have been a government building or possibly a church.  From the photograph, it is obvious that little is left of the interior, circa 1945

This bridge may have been the bridge over the Rhine River at Cologne, circa 1945