The Ethnic genre of the SWOFC has a truly diverse array of ethnic folklore. Spanning from the United States to the Middle East and even the Pacific Islands, these are some of the ethnicities represented in the collection:

  • Iranian
  • Polish
  • Lebanese Maronite
  • Palestinian
  • German
  • Scottish
  • Russian
  • Bavarian
  • Lithuanian
  • Liberian
  • Chamorro
  • Appalachian
  • Cambodian
  • Hungarian

  Picture2   A Lebanese Maronite Proverb that reminds one to be aware of their finances

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Various Ethnic Folklores


Appalachian material folk culture, the mule-ear chair

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Bavarian Proverb

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Superstitions collected from a migrant of Southwestern Zimbabwe

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Iranian proverb that states, “You cannot pick up two watermelons with one hand” or “You cannot take up two

responsibilities at once.”

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Scottish proverbs and song