Scholar@UC 2.0 is here.

Scholar 2.0 is here!   It includes two new work types, Theses and Dissertations and Student Works, increasing the support in Scholar@UC for exemplar student content.  Also included in today’s Scholar 2.0 release are major enhancements such as improved collection searchability and management, email notifications, and catalog discovery and sort options (in particular a new ‘date created’ facet, and the ability to sort the catalog browse by title).  For a complete list of features and bug fixes see our change log.

With the deployment of this version, we are beginning work on the next major release, Scholar 3.0.  Our work for Scholar 3.0 will begin in a sandbox (test) environment where we will build upon substantial new code contributions from the Project Hydra community (to be technical, upgrades to Fedora 4, Solr 5 and a new implementation of Hydra named ‘Sufia 7’).   When we have merged our code with the code from the Hydra community, we will reach out to early adopters and others to help us evaluate this major release with substantial additional functionality.

While we are beginning work on Scholar 3.0, at the same time we will continue with improvements and point releases to Scholar 2.x.  There will be a decrease in the deployment schedule for Scholar 2.x, with our development cycles now devoted to multiple projects.   This does not mean that deployment will stop.  An additional College and Department facet, and integrations with Kaltura, Research Directory, and ORCID are still on an estimated 3 month road map.  Efforts will also be devoted to increasing the overall performance of the application.

Please continue to contact the Scholar@UC Team with any questions or comments.

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