Maria Edgeworth was an Irish writer of adult’s and children’s literature.  She was one of the first realist writers in children’s literature and was a significant figure in the evolution of the novel in Europe.  She held advanced views for a woman of her time, on estate management, politics, and education.  She corresponded with some of the leading literary and economic writers, including Sir Walter Scott and David Ricardo.

Notable works in ARB’s collection:

  • Moral tales for young people (1821), Flyleaf bears Dr. Daniel Drake’s inscription to his daughter, Elizabeth
  • Harrington, a tale; and Ormond, a tale (1817), 1st edition
  • The modern Griselda. A tale (1805), 2nd edition

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Maria Edgeworth-Harrington Maria Edgeworth-moral tales Maria Edgeworth-moral tales inscription Maria Edgeworth-the modern griselda