• The Glorious Revolution leaves James II of England and James VII of Scotland to flee for France. William and Mary take over the throne


  • The Battle of Killiekrankie
  • Jacobites attempt to rise in Dunkeld, Scotland


  • Scotland names Presbyterianism as state religion
  • Battle of the Boyne in Ireland where WIlliam of Orange defeats James II and his Jacobite followers


  • Battle of Aughrim where Irish Jacobites are defeated
  • William of Orange offers pardons to Jacobites willing to pledge allegiance


  • Highland Scots disciplined under order from King William III
  • Glencoe Massacre occurs


  • There is a Jacobite invasion scare and Jacobite plans to murder King William III are found


  • The Act of Settlement passed in England stating that, if no heirs are produced, the throne will go to the Protestant House of Hanover
  • James II dies
  • Louis XIV refers to self as James III (The Old Pretender)


  • Scottish Act of Security states that Queen Anne’s successor must be a protestant


  • The Act of Settlement is applied to Scotland through the Act of Union


  • Queen Anne dies
  • George I takes British throne


  • Start of The Fifteen
  • Jacobite rebellion in Braermer, Scotland
  • Battle of Sheriffmuir where Jacobites are defeated
  • Jacobites are defeated near northwest England
  • Old Pretender lands in Scotland and joins the Jacobites at Perth


  • Old Pretender returns to France


  • The Atterbury Plot is foiled and some of its leaders are arrested and then exiled


  • George II becomes new king of England


  • Prime Minisiter, Sir Robert Walpole, resigns. Lord Wilmington takes his place


  • Prime Minister Wilmington dies. Henry Pelham (a Whig) takes his place until 1754
  • As part of the War of Austrian Succession, war breaks out between Britain and France
  • The Old Pretender asks the French for assistance through Francis Sempill, his representative at the French court
    • His official letter was signed by the Duke of Beaufort, Lord Barrymore, Lord Orrery, Sir Watkin Williams Wynn, Sir John Hynde Cotton, and Sir Robert Abdy


  • Bonnie Prince Charlie arrives in Paris to join his French invasion force


  • Bonnie Prince Charlie arrives on the west coast of Scotland
  • Edinburgh is captured by the Jacobites
  • Battle of Prestonpans is won by the Jacobites and they move on to the south of England
  • At the Clifton Moor Skirmish, the Jacobites attempt a retreat but are stopped by the Duke of Cumberland and his men


  • Jacobites fail to capture Stirling castle, but they win the Battle of Falkirk Muir against General Henry Hawley’s army
  • Jacobites capture Iverness
  • Battle at Culloden ends in Jacobites defeat
  • Bonnie Prince Charlie flees to France
  • Jacobite leaders are beheaded


  • The Old Pretender dies


  • The Young Pretender dies


  • Henry Stuart (the last male in the Stuart line) dies