Before women were able to participate directly in ROTC as cadets, they served military organizations in auxiliary roles. Several support organizations on campus offered women the opportunity to serve their country. The auxiliaries were honoraries as well and members had to show scholarship and commitment before being accepted.


UC’s chapter of Guidon, an auxiliary to Scabbard and Blade, was established in 1934 and was the longest surviving women’s auxiliary on campus, operating well into the ’70s. The troop marched at football games and military revues.

1951 Guidon

1972 Commission
A Guidon member assists in AROTC commissioning.

Angel Flight

UC’s chapter of Angel Flight, a national service organization that acts as an auxiliary to Arnold Air Society, was founded on May 2, 1960 and continued into the early ’70s. In 1998, the national organization changed its name to “Silver Wings.” A Silver Wings chapter was reestablished at UC in 2009.

1968 Angel Flight


Chevron was a short-lived auxiliary to Pershing Rifles that appeared on campus in the early 70s.

1970 Chevron