Archival Collections

Board of Directors Minutes & Supporting Papers

The Board papers provide a chronicle for the establishment of military training, the creation of the ROTC, decisions made concerning campus activities during the wars, and the steps taken to provide for veterans returning after World War II.

Robert Gray Hopkins Collection, UA-07-09

Hopkins’s scrapbook contains unique ephemera from his tour of duty in France as well as a collection of his original cartoons featuring Private Newt.

UC WWII Scrapbook, UA-01-67

Assembled by UC staff during the war, the scrapbook includes news clippings highlighting student soldiers and activities at UC related to the war, as well as general war news.

ARB Vertical Files

Files are available for ROTC, World War I Training Camps, Veterans, and Vetsville.

ARB Photograph Collection

Photographs are available for ROTC, World War II, Vetsville, Rifle Club, and the Goodyear Girls.

Raymond Walters Papers, UA-73-20, UA-98-01

Most valuable in this collection are Walters’s diaries, which chronicle his own efforts during World War II in securing a position for the University in national defense as well as his observations of how life changed at UC due to the war.

Walter Langsam Papers, UA-87-09, UA-75-24

Langsam, a former ROTC cadet himself, was a strong proponent for military training for students and defended ROTC’s presence on campus when it was being questioned in the ’70s. His papers reflect his efforts to support the ROTC as well as those issues that threatened to end it.

UC Publications

ROTC Shield

The newsletter of the ROTC. The Archives has vols. 4-9 covering the years 1926-1931.

News Record

Papers from 1941-1945 cover events on and off campus related to World War II. Events related to Vietnam can be found in papers throughout the 1960s, which are available online through the News Record Digitization Project.

University News

Vols. 15, 16 & 17, 1916-1919, cover events related to World War I and the establishment of ROTC on campus.


The Cincinnatian yearbooks contain images and some narrative of student groups and the military science department.

Training Detachment and Students’ Army Training Corps Illustrations, 1918

Includes photographs of SATC activities and facilities.

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