Pershing Rifles

The UC chapter of Pershing Rifles, installed on campus in 1934, is the University’s longest surviving military honorary. Their current activities consist of firing the cannon at football games, providing the color guard at UC events, and competing in drill competitions at the national level. Pershing Rifles is open to any UC student, regardless of ROTC affiliation.

1942 Pershing Rifles

The 1957 Pershing Rifles team executes the Queen Anne’s manual of Arms at the military ball.

Arnold Air Society

Arnold Air Society, an honorary for Air Force ROTC cadets, was founded on the local level at UC in 1958. Named after General Hap Arnold, the organization went national with twenty new chapters forming in the first year of its existence. Captain James Nollkamper was the organization’s first advisor. Arnold Air Society is still going strong today.

1959 Arnold Air Society

Members of the founding class of Arnold Air Society

Captain James Nollkamper (left), First advisor to Arnold Air Society, and General Hap Arnold (right).  Arnold Air Society is named after General Hap Arnold.

Scabbard & Blade

Scabbard & Blade’s chapter at UC was established in 1923. The organization was designed to train men for leadership in the military field by providing extra drill experience outside of the ROTC program. Scabbard & Blade operated into the ’70s.

1937 Scabbard & Blade

Kitty Hawk

Kitty Hawk was a drill team made up of freshman and sophomore Air Force ROTC cadet members. They performed annually in parades and sponsored numerous social events.

1962 Kitty Hawk