Religious Institutions

Another notable part of this collection is a selection of documents regarding German churches and religious institutions in the Greater Cincinnati area.  Included in the collection are histories and anniversary programs showing the importance of religion in the Cincinnati German-American community.

The top left image shows a commemorative booklet on the 50th anniversary of the First German Presbyterian Church of Cincinnati.  This church was founded in 1855 under pastor G.W. Winnes.  The top left images establishes the years of this anniversary, and the bottom image shows the exterior facade and the sanctuary of the church in 1905.

The top right image is a 1925 news bulletin for the Philippus Church of Cincinnati, another church in the German community.  The Philippus Church is located in Over-the-Rhine, and was founded in 1891.  It was an exclusively German church until the 1920s, and joined the United Church of Christ in 1957.  This particular pamphlet contains sections in both German and English.