German language newspapers and periodicals provided connections for German immigrants with not only their homeland, but also with fellow immigrants.  Don Heinrich Tolzmann’s collection contains a number of samples of German language newspapers and periodicals from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

There are several items periodicals from the World War I period.  Deutsch-Amerika was a monthly pro-German publication.  It was published in German and kept German-Americans informed about the events in Europe during The Great War.  The top left image shows the May 1916 edition of Deutsch-Amerika. 

The top right image shows the December 18, 1915 weekly edition of the Waechter und Anzeiger.  The Waechter und Anzeiger was Cleveland’s longest running ethnic daily paper.  During World War I two of the paper’s editors were held as alien enemies.  More information on the history of this paper can be found in the Encyclopedia of Cleveland History:

The Jugendblatt was a monthly publication of the Lutheran Church in Iowa.  The bottom left image shows the June 1918 edition of the Jugendblatt.

The bottom right image shows the December 1916 edition of the Daheim, a periodical on German family and home life.