Teaching STEM Related Subjects?

Are you a pre-service or in-service teacher in the fields of science, technology, engineering or mathematics?


   Are you looking for unique visual aids, lesson plans, hands on learning activities and multimedia educational resources?  The CECH Library’s NASA Educator Resource Center (ERC) is the place for you! The ERC provides free posters, lithographs, bookmarks, calendars, stickers, and teaching guides for teaching mathematics, earth science, physical science, life science, space science, technology, aeronautics, and general science.     

Nasa ERC


But the CECH Library provides much more than these free materials.  It  hosts a collection of DVDs/VHS tapes that you can copy, sample teacher guides you can take and use to create lesson plans for your students,  and we have created a web page  that links to all of NASA’s virtual teaching resources.    

NASA General Aviation    

NASA’s Education Materials website provides links to lesson plans, classroom activities, PDFs of posters and lithographs, descriptions of “Play and Learn” kits, websites and more!    

Come visit the CECH Library NASA ERC and make the most of these visually stunning resources for your classroom.  Or visit our NASA website to explore the virtual resources!